Green Alignment (3 Day)

  • In need of a tune up? Peeled’s Green Alignment Cleanse package is designed to restart your body and kick you into high gear.

    If you’ve mastered our Classic Cleanse and are ready to take your detox to the next level, this specially crafted collection of greens is exactly what your cells are craving.

    Cleanse orders are available for pickup at your nearest Peeled Juice Bar. 

  • While the side effects and benefits vary widely, many of our cleansers report the following perks:

    • Sharper mental clarity
    • Elevated energy
    • Vibrant attitude
    • Improved digestion
    • More natural hunger cues
    • Decreased cravings for sugar and salt
    • Increased cravings for fruits and vegetables
    • Cleanse orders are available for pickup at your nearest Peeled Juice Bar, via Chicagoland* Peelmobile delivery or nationwide shipping.

      *Surcharge required for McCormick Place and airports. Outlying suburbs may require delivery surcharge. Please email with inquiries.

      Brighter skin
    • Sounder sleep

    Perfect for those who aren’t afraid to go green, this 3 day, chlorophyll-rich cleanse will infuse your system with a healthy dose of cold pressed nutrients. Detoxify, rebuild, and get back on the road!

    Your body is best able to assimilate nutrients on an empty stomach, so it’s important to start with the vitamin-packed Green Lantern. The order of your juices is based on the way your body absorbs and digests all the nutrient-rich goodness. To get the most out of your cleanse, follow our lead!

    Juice 1: Green Lantern
    It’s a liquid multi-vitamin with the combined nutrients of 5 full servings of raw, nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. It’s chock full of chlorophyll-rich kale, romaine lettuce and spinach, iron-packed parsley, alkalizing celery and lemon, immune-boosting ginger, vitamin C rich cucumber and naturally sweet apple.

    Juice 2: The Green Room
    An energizing blend of power greens includes an unbeatable quartet of kale, spinach, romaine and collard greens, plus vitamin-rich parsley, celery to calm the liver and a hint of alkalizing lime.

    Juice 3: Farmers Friend
    Savor the whole market in one bottle! Antioxidant-rich kale and romaine are joined with protein-packed spinach; celery, which is a natural diuretic to push out toxins, cucumber to further flush your system, apples, cilantro, parsley, plus lemon and ginger to aid digestion.

    Juice 4: Green Lantern
    Go green as you complete the first cycle of the cleanse. This is your body’s opportunity to absorb the greatest quantity of nutrients. The further we cleanse, the more easily the vitamins from whole foods infiltrate our system.

    Juice 5: Farmers Friend
    Everything green continues the detoxification, cleansing the blood. Apple supports your liver, with lemon and ginger to encourage digestion while providing a sweet afternoon energy boost.

    Juice 6: Sweet Grass
    This earthy blend of kale, spinach, watercress, celery and is boosted by wheatgrass to alkalize your system. It gets a hint of sweetness from green apple and lemon, plus a pop of cool mint to soothe you into blissful slumber.

    The 3 Day Green Alignment Cleanse contains the following juices packaged in 16 oz. bottles:

    Green Lantern (6)
    Farmers Friend (6)
    The Green Room (3)
    Sweet Grass (3)


    (If properly refrigerated, juices will keep about 4 days without degradation.)

    Allergy note: Juices are crafted in a facility that processes nuts.

    Cleanse orders are available for pickup at your nearest Peeled Juice Bar.

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