Delivery Details

Howdy, neighbor! If you’re here in our big backyard, we’ll hand deliver Peeled Juice Bar right to your door. Fresh cold pressed juices and handcrafted superfood smoothies – even better than cookies! Local delivery is available to the north-shore residents Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Please allow one day fulfillment for cleanse orders. We recommend someone be at home to receive your order, it is not required. If you live in a building, our driver can leave the delivery with your doorman. It can also be left on your front doorstep or in your lobby, but please note that Peeled Juice Bar cannot be responsible for the order once it has been delivered. Since proper refrigeration of our products is ESSENTIAL, it’s imperative that you collect and refrigerate them as soon as possible. Plan to start your cleanse the morning after delivery to be sure that you are drinking your juices at their best and brightest. Juices will stay fresh for 4 days, starting the day after delivery.

A small delivery fee will be charged. For inquiries email us at

If you are purchasing the a Cleanse plan, please note that a delivery fee will be added to your total for local delivery or nationwide shipping.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions or for clarification. We’re here to help – we’ll cross rivers and climb mountains to deliver your juicy fix!