We believe that total health is a human effort. We're here in all of our raw, unfiltered glory to help you live happy,
drink healthy and thrive in our community.



Peel away the status quo and move to the beet of a more vibrant life.
Say no to fasting and kale yeah to feasting on Mother Nature's own bounty.
Strive for a pure, unprocessed life and thrive with our community.
One batch at a time, 100% raw and nutrient rich.

It's what we live by. It's what we juice by.



Supporting independent businesses helps our economy - and collective conscious - thrive. You can trust
that Peeled Juice Bar is committed to preserving and sustaining our environment and community in our
own backyard and across the nation. 

At Peeled Juice Bar, we’re doing our small part to nurture the world around us.

  • Our vegan-friendly menu is deliciously free of animal products - no contribution to the
    over-consumption of fresh water or carbon emissions here!
  • Our disposable cups and utensils are made of corn-based compostables
  • Our juice bar tables and counters are made of reclaimed wood
  • Outreach and involvement with local service organizations, schools and businesses to
    educate and support

Join the Peeled artisans in our local and global efforts — a healthier world starts with a little green.