How should I store my juice?
Please keep all bottles refrigerated and shake well before enjoying. 

How long will the juice last?
If properly refrigerated, juices will will keep about 4 days without degradation.

Why does the juice look different from when I bought it?
Because we handcraft each of our juices with no additives, you may notice some settling, separation or color variation. This is a sign of nature’s nectar at its finest - just give it a thorough shake and sip away!

Are the juices pasteurized?
While pasteurization gives juice a longer shelf life, it also deprives you of nutritional value and the freshest taste. At Peeled, we don’t pasteurize any of our blends to ensure you’re getting the nutrients and flavor you deserve.

Why add sweetener to the Haute Lemonade?
A small amount of agave and maple syrup maintain healthy levels of carbohydrate and magnesium while juicing. Both keep your energy up and your ticker moving. We believe that a balanced, stimulating blend is the key to unlocking all the benefits of a cleanse.

Juices are a little pricey. Why?
We believe in crafting our juices with the highest quality ingredients –we source organic and conventional fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and specialty produce both locally and from around the world. Raw, cold pressed, and artisan-crafted drinks take time. We know you’ll taste the passion that goes in to each juice and smoothie.



Why cleanse?
The benefits of a cleanse vary, but the key is that it allows your body to break down toxins that have built up over time. Our bodies are wise and very capable of doing this for us, but juicing also gives the digestive system a chance to rest and restore. For some, a cleanse helps them get back in touch with their natural hunger cues. Remember - a cleanse should act as a gateway to a healthier lifestyle. It can help you become more in tune with your body, but it is not designed to be a quick fix or a weight loss tool. Cleansing is just one part of the process. Our goal at Peeled is to work with you every step of the way on your journey to wellness.

How do the cleanse juices taste?
In our humble opinion - delicious! Our passion is concocting small batches of nature’s own deliciously nourishing nectar. We include 100% raw, cold pressed fruits and vegetables - no water or chemicals added. That means you’re getting the freshest, most vitamin-packed boost possible. And it tastes delightful!

What is the nutritional value of a Peeled Cleanse?
Daily caloric intake for a Peeled Cleanse program averages 1200 calories. A complete nutrition panel is provided on each bottle. 

How much sugar is in a Peeled Cleanse?
We strive to craft the most nutritious product in their most simple form. This means we add no sugar to our green and fruit juices, with just a dash of agave nectar and maple syrup to naturally sweeten the Haute Lemonade and nut milks.

Will I lose weight on the cleanse?
Possibly, but weight loss from a cleanse is not sustainable. The goal of a Peeled cleanse is not to lose weight, but we do hope it motivates you to maintain a clean diet. Healthier choices over time equal a healthier - and possibly lighter - you!

How do I get protein while on a cleanse?
Our hand pressed nut milks are naturally rich in protein, and many leafy green veggies are quality sources of protein too.

Should I keep taking my vitamins? Any I need to add?
The cleanse is nutritionally packed - let the juices work their magic!

Is it normal to not...well, go to the bathroom much during the cleanse?
A cleanse provides very little fiber to produce solid waste, so don’t be surprised if that function slows down.

Can I exercise while cleansing?
Listen to your body. You may be able to maintain part of your exercise regime, but don’t push too hard. Walking, stretching, and light Yoga are great activities to accentuate your cleanse.

Is there anyone who should not do a cleanse?
All juicers should speak with their doctor before embarking on a cleanse. People who have battled eating disorders and those with diabetes, kidney disease, digestive issues and heart disease should especially discuss any cleanse plans with their medical team.

Can I cleanse if I’m pregnant or nursing?
Due to the specific caloric needs of a woman who is pregnant or nursing, a cleanse is not recommended. Always consult your doctor.

Can my child do a Peeled Cleanse?
Again, a cleanse is not recommended because of a child’s specific caloric needs. However, it’s never to early to introduce a child to a delicious green juice as part of a healthy, balanced diet!

Can I eat actual food while I’m cleansing?
One of the main benefits of a cleanse is that it gives your system a rest from digesting foods. However, if you choose to eat on a cleanse we recommend raw, natural foods in their purest form. Nothing cooked, and no animal products.

What should I eat in the days following the cleanse?
We encourage you to ease back into solids with simple, whole foods for at least one day. Start the morning with a cup of green tea and a fruit/vegetable smoothie or oatmeal. Savor fresh salsa, guacamole and black beans for lunch (hummus is another favorite) and prepare a simple vegetable soup for dinner. Salads and raw foods are always a wise option for optimal health; a cleanse can kick start good food choices.

How often should I cleanse?
It’s up to you! Some people find that a seasonal cleanse, 3 or 4 times a year, clears out the gunk and keeps them in an even flow. For others, a 1 day cleanse every few weeks does the body good. If it’s your first time cleansing, consult with your doctor. Then listen to your own system’s response and let it guide you.

How many days in a row is it safe to cleanse?
Our general cleanse packages are 3 days. However, experienced juicers may find that up to 7 days makes the most impact. We offer a 3, 5 and 7 day Craft Your Cleanse option for those looking to juice longer. 

I ordered a cleanse package through Groupon but need a refund. What should I do? 

While we’re sorry to hear you won’t be able to juice with us, all refund requests must be handled directly through Groupon.



Where can I collect my cleanse?
Cleanse orders are available for pickup at our Chicago/Lincoln Park and Evanston juice bars. Pickup is available 7 days a week during normal juicing hours, 8am-8pm. Please allow one day fulfillment for all orders. For local delivery, please email info@peeledjuicebar.com for a quote and scheduling.

Will my juices stay fresh?

Yes – juices will stay fresh for 4 days. This does not include day of delivery for local Peelmobile deliveries. 



Are all Peeled’s food items raw and vegan?
Mostly. We offer a few vegan baked goods such as cupcakes, cookies, and muffins, but they're clearly marked. All food items are also soy and gluten-free.

What does “raw” mean?
Our raw food has not been processed or heated to temperatures exceeding 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why eat raw?
Cooking food can rob it of natural enzymes, which the body needs in order to break down nutrients. Eating raw, or living, foods provides your system the full scope of nutrients available. Benefits can include improved digestion, increased energy, clearer skin, sharper mental clarity, and weight loss.

Do you use recycled plastic for your juices?
All cups in the juice bars are corn based, and many of our utensils are too.